dipikir-pikir isinya ibu-ibu sekali…. (bapak-bapak gak usah takut gitu dong)


10/28/2006 – 10/30/2006

architecturally breathtaking
just like in the books
i wish i’d been here when i was in school. i could’ve had a better grade 😀
for all of you who adores architecture, this is definitily one of the places to go.

city wise very convenient.
public transportation everywhere almost every time even on weekends.
parks and plazas with interesting features everywhere
wide, clean, and safe pedestrians
a very clean river that you feel like swimming to
the low parts would be no cheap market that i can go to for a shopping spree
and some parts of the city has no night life even on weekends that makes you wonder if there’s anybody lives in that area

1. play in the millennium park during daytime and nighttime. the cloud gate is just great.
2. taking an architectural boat trip
3. climb up the big john looking at sears tower
4. visit IIT, home of mies van de rohe’s carson hall
5. go to FLW’s work. i went to robie house, just great.
6. eat deep dish pizza
7. grab some garrett popcorn
8. enjoy the artful parks
9. don’t bother to bring any car. enjoy the buses and trains and feet.

i would do, but couldn’t. hopefully next time.
1. visit art institute of chicago
2. go to oak park, other FLW’s project.
3. visit chicago on summer to see fountains working
4. play in the beach
5. visit the zoo


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