dipikir-pikir isinya ibu-ibu sekali…. (bapak-bapak gak usah takut gitu dong)


9/6/2006 – 9/9/2006

The first time I landed my feet in Washington State, Northwestern of United States, everything felt very different compared to what I’ve seen in the East Coast area. The nature, the architecture, the city, the people, I don’t think the food that much different though.

The nature was very beautiful.
Very hilly and mountainous which reminds me of my hometown Bandung.
Water everywhere, wherever you look, rich blue water with the mountain back dropped, gorgeous.
Don’t forget the everlasting green. Big trees, small trees, flowers all year long.
We were there on last of summer, so the weather was very nice. Not too cold, not too hot. The sun was shining almost all the time, which made us forget Seattle is a rainy city. Until the last day we were there, we saw what I thought was the real face of Seattle. Cloudy, gloomy, and wet all daylong.

The architecture was also different.
Due to the climate which is rainy, the buildings has to have a long over hanged roof, just like Indonesians have, which makes the looks of the buildings completely different from the East Coast’s ones.
I’m not sure why, but there are more materials used in building compare to ‘brick only’ in East Coast, that makes them more exciting and various in shapes and in facades.

The city
This was the first big enough city I’ve visited in US that doesn’t have a mass rapid transportation. They do have busses. They do have a monorail that connects Seattle Center, one of the main attractions in the city, to downtown area that sadly didn’t work when we were there. Riding a car was not a bad idea there surprisingly, parking spaces were quiet easy to find and not too expensive.
I didn’t see anything too special about the city beside the hilly contour that makes you can see everything especially water from almost everywhere.
It’s not a hustle bustle kind of city. It’s very calming and relaxing compare to Chicago, although the downtown area is bigger than Baltimore. You can see by the way the people drive which almost never go above the speed limit.
One other thing that lack was the waterfront. With so much water, I couldn’t find a popular waterfront where people can just hang around without having to eat in a restaurant or having their own boathouses.

The people. As a Baltimorean, the first thing I noticed was the lack of African Americans. I saw more Asian than African Americans and probably even Southern Americans. With so many Asians they even has a Japanese garden in the city.
One more obvious thing was less obese people.

Where did I go?
Seattle Arena where the Space Needle and Gehry’s Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum are.
Spots to take a picture of the city which in Queen Anne and Alki Beach.
The famous ‘traditional’ Pike Place Market where you can see ‘the flying fish’, the fishes thrown away to customers.
The first Starbucks store
Campus of University of Washington
Mount Rainier that has an everlasting snow.

Will I be back?
Insya Allah (in God’s will). To visit Om Indra and Om Tony with their lovely family, Koolhas’s Public Library, and feel the clean and calming atmosphere of the city and surroundings.


Pictures taken by Riyadhi


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  dydy wrote @

Ndew, Pennsylvania hilly dan mountainous juga loh, terutama northeast Penn [kalo liat peta konturnya]. Waktu saya pindah dari Middletown ke Bethlehem, lewat jalan gunung.

Kapan2 jalan ke Fallingwater-nya FLW dong [eh jauh ga sih dari situ? meni maksa…heheh]

  ndew wrote @

sudah masuk wish list bu..hihihi.. pernah ke sana? ada penginapan murah gak ya?

  dydy wrote @

i wish…
belom..blom pernah juga ndew
jauh sih 😀

  emfaisal wrote @

mengasikkan juga membaca something about seattle, since i”ve been there too, twice back to 1974 and 1998. memang kotanya menarik yang juga merupakan homebase dari microsoft n amazon . banyak teman2 dari iptn yang nmukim disini, terkait dg seattle sbg homebase dari boeing yang trkenal itu.

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