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Streets for Life

Taken from:

Streets for Life, Inclusive Urban Design

by Elizabeth Burton& Lynne Mitchell, 2006, Elsevier Ltd

Streets for Life:
1. Streets that residents find easey and enjeoyable to uses as they grow older in their neighborboods, allwong them to continue living at home if they want to
2. Steets that are inclusive- they are easy and enjoyable to use by all members of society, including older people with dementia

Key design feature of Streets for Life
1. Small blocks laid out on an irregular grid (with minimal crossroads)
2. A hierarchy of streets from main to side
3. Gently winding streets
4. Varied urban form and architecture
5. A mix of uses, including plenty of services and facilities and open space
6. Busy routes with buffer zone between road and footway
7. Buildings designe to reflect uses
8. Buildings with obvious entrances
9. Landmarks, distinctive structures and places of activity
10. Special/distinctive features at junctions
11. Wide, smooth, non-slip footways (without cycle lanes)
12. Frequent road crossings with audible and visual cues suitable for older people
13. Clearly marked level changes, with handrails
14. Clear signs throughout
15. Frequent wooden seating, with arm and backrest
16. Enclosed bus shelters, with seating
17. Ground level toilets